Auto Injuries

Auto injuries are serious and can have long lasting affects if not thoroughly evaluated, accurately diagnosed, and properly treated. Even minor car accidents can lead to significant soft tissue damage of the body’s muscles and ligaments. It is important that all persons in an automobile accident be evaluated by a medical professional. At Aspen Chiropractic, we are able to work with the responsible party’s auto insurance to cover treatment costs.

A thorough examination is an essential action following any type of car accident. Several types of injuries can be hidden or take many days to set in. Peak pain or soreness often is felt three to four days post-accident. Other injuries do not present themselves by way of pain or soreness rather stiffness and lack of motion. When ligaments and muscles are stretched beyond their limits, such as in whiplash, tearing and destruction of soft tissue occurs. As the body heals, it builds up scar tissue leading to stiffness and loss of motion.

The goal of treatments is to return the patient to prior injury status. Customized treatment plans are prepared based on exam and x-ray findings. This is accomplished using a variety of treatments which may include spinal and extremity adjusting, massage therapy, stretching, trigger point therapy, spinal traction/decompression, and electrotherapy. Adjusting is an important part of restoring full range of motion to the spine, and allowing the body to heal itself.