Physio Therapy

Adjusting is a chiropractic physicians most important tool in treating back and neck pain, but this treatment alone is not all inclusive. Proper muscle tone and ligament laxity is also an essential part of keeping your body in balance. All of your treatments at Aspen Chiropractic will include a combination of massage and stretching from Dr. Lee prior to adjusting. Other therapies utilized are core strength training, low back rehabilitation, spinal traction, disc decompression, trigger point therapy, cryotherapy, and heat. These treatments, used in conjunction with spinal and extremity adjusting, are much more effective in obtaining overall health and wellness.

A majority of low back injuries occur due to de-conditioning of core and low back muscles. Simple low back rehabilitation therapies are made part of a patients treatment plan which can reduce healing time and prevent future low back flare-ups. Most extremity injuries whether shoulder, knee, or ankle need some sort of rehabilitation to assure proper recovery. Dr. Lee works with patients in the office to obtain full range of motion, strength of supporting muscles, and proper joint function. A custom program is created based on patient needs and what their overall fitness goals are. Additional home therapy is prescribed for long term solutions to your aches and pains.

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